The role of women in exodus

Therefore, the Pharaoh ordered that all the male children of the Hebrew be drowned at birth; a rather irrational edict, since the Hebrew males supplied his slave labor. It can now be seen that the heroic battle to champion our conscious thinking self or ego over the ignorance of our instinctive self or soul posed a threat to humanity and, since the historic role of males has been one of group protectors, they had no choice but to take on the responsibility to fight this battle.

Then come three very strange verses in Exodus 4: The reader may notice a parallel to the act of Yehudit, who will perform a similar act of heroism approximately 1, years later, as part of the Resistance to Greek and Hellenist oppression, at the time of Chanukah. When Barak, who has been pursuing Sisera, approaches, he is told by Yael that the man he is looking for is in her tent, and has been rendered harmless.

He must have known he was a Hebrew boy condemned by the Egyptian Pharaoh. Later, when donations were requested for the Construction of the Mishkan, the women donated these mirrors for use in the copper elements of the Sanctuary.

This must be done for every test, pass or fail. He believed that Moses was destined to be the next Pharaoh, a theme that we found in Midrashim.

But this action took the form of killing an Egyptian overseer who was beating a Hebrew slave. Persuaded by this reasoning, Amram remarried his wife Jochebed and Moses was the first child of the remarriage.

So while both men and women have suffered from the corrupted state of the human condition, men in particular have felt guilty about the exceptional angry, egocentric and alienated lives they were beset with as a result of battling so determinedly and heroically against our ignorant instinctive self or soul.

Presumably, 50 would be for a perfect man. In contrast, Moses and his brother and sister act together in concert and all three are blessed by God; Moses as the supreme prophet, Aaron as High Priest, and Miriam as pprophetess.

All of these women have compassion on this child and as such choose to rebel despite the danger against their society. The Hebrews were racially different than Egyptians. Then Zipporah took up a flint and cut off the foreskin of her son and cast it at his feet and said 'you are my bridegroom of blood'.

Weaning in ancient times took from two to three years and thus the child was a toddler by the time he was named by the Princess. When she could no longer hide him at home, Jochebed made a waterproof basket and placed her baby in it. Once again, he acted to protect the weak; this time by helping the sisters against rough shepherds trying to keep them from watering their flocks.

6 Women who Protected and Rescued Moses

Now, having finally completed their job of championing our ego or conscious part of ourselves over the ignorance of the instinctive part of ourselves, men will finally find peace. Later, when donations were requested for the Construction of the Mishkan, the women donated these mirrors for use in the copper elements of the Sanctuary.

It may be, though it is not stated, that Shiprah or Puah helped Jochebed preserve the life of her newborn son. We will, however, leave the title of the study as The Women of Exodus because the largest portion of the study concerns those women.

This, I would suggest, contributed greatly -- perhaps even essentially -- to his unique greatness. We all know about the role of women as important leaders in the Torah. We commonly refer to Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah as the Matriarchs. But in the Passover story, there are FIVE very important women who made incredible contributions to the journey.

The different roles men and women played in humanity’s journey to find liberating understanding of the human condition The different roles of men and women. The Women of Exodus We will also include the one woman mentioned in Leviticus. In this portion of the series we will study all of the women in the book of Exodus beginning with the Hebrew Midwives who saved the Hebrew male children from the Pharaoh's edict that they be killed to the unnamed wife of the High Priest Eleazar who had to grieve the.

What role did the women play in the Exodus?

The Role of Women in Exodus Words Apr 23rd, 7 Pages He freed the Children of Israel from slavery in Egypt, he was able to talk to God face to face, he was the mediator who saved the Children of Israel from God’s anger, and was viewed as one of the greatest leaders in history.

Women are directly mentioned as the active participants in the section which might be described as a “summary of the theological base of the whole book of Exodus” 8. is among the responsibilities of the woman within the household.

Orthodox union

So strong was the women’s faith, they prepared tambourines which they planned to play in celebration of the eventual exodus. 9.

Orthodox union

Great was the women’s faith and loyalty to G-d even when reality suggested abandoning hope.

The role of women in exodus
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Women Of Exodus