The role of arms trade in the international system

See also Post Sept. This amounts to 52 percent of the UN member states. The Middle East is a current example, while Latin America is an example from previous decades, where in both cases, democracies or popular regimes have or had been overthrown with foreign assistance, and replaced with corrupt dictators or monarchs.

The geographic component to the figures on non-conflict civilian armed violence is also striking. Nor have bribes been paid only to buyers in the Third World…. Anthem Press,pp. A report from the World Policy Institute released mid has found that the U.

An additional armed intrastate conflicts between political groups took place in the same period across 55 countries.

Back to top It does not seem to matter who arms are sold to Last year [] the U. Only then can we truly achieve success in our efforts. Armed Conflict, That armament firms have attempted to bribe government officials, both at home and abroad.

While there is much expectation surrounding the future Arms Trade Treaty, seeing this future Treaty as a panacea would be unwise. While there is no overarching theory of interstate arms transfers, scholars generally agree on the base motivations of states to engage in arms transfers.

Stohl, Rachel, and Suzette Grillot. At the United Nations level almost nothing was done between and to establish international arms trade control systems or standards. Since only the wealthy countries can afford to devote billions on military spending, they will always be able to give their corporations hidden subsidies through defence contracts, and maintain a technologically advanced industrial capacity.

On the contrary, as military spending has been cut back the arms firms have been seeking markets abroad more fiercely than before…. The wide circulation of these weapons is oftentimes the catalyst that transforms localized incidents into global events. The absence of a global regime to control international trade in conventional arms persists despite the fact that in the 22 years between andthe world witnessed the outbreak or continuation of international armed conflicts, involving the forces of countries and political opposition groups.

The daily reality for many men, women, and children is the opposite, and their lives and freedoms are curtailed by armed militias or criminal gangs which, through their possession of powerful SALW, hold the power over life and death. The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is the first multilateral treaty to regulate the international trade in conventional arms.

In this respect, it is a landmark treaty for the international community. Mindful also of the role regional organizations can play in assisting States Parties, upon request, in implementing this Treaty, improving the regulation of the international trade in conventional arms; – Prevent and eradicate the illicit trade in conventional arms and prevent their national control system, shall, in an objective and.

The Arms Trade and International System.

UK ‘hides extent of arms sales to Saudi Arabia’

Cambridge, UK: Ballinger, Differs from other work by accounting for the role of the government in pursuing arms exports.

Stohl, Rachel, and Suzette Grillot. The International Arms. The Observer view on Britain’s shameful role in the arms trade | Observer editorial Read more The high demands for arsenals in the Middle East was in contrast with the plummeting oil prices.

Global arms trade reaches highest point since cold war era

The disclosure has prompted accusations that the government is trying to mask the true extent of British-made arms exports to Saudi, a claim denied by the Department for International Trade. International commerce is critical to America’s economy, and the entire world.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is committed to keeping it safe and vibrant. CBP creates and implements programs using sophisticated technologies, and trains personnel to help achieve the goals of securing U.S. ports and borders while also expediting trade.

The role of arms trade in the international system
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