The kingdom of ahhiyawa and the

A theatre is built during the Hellenistic period, but by the time Rome conquers Greece in BC, Mycenae has been abandoned for the final time and is already in ruins.

Hattusili mentions that Wilusa has previously been a bone of contention between the two kingdoms.

Middle East Kingdoms

The remainder of the chariots was either incomplete or otherwise unfit to participate in battle. Orestes Killed his mother and fled the kingdom for a time.

Although no palatial structure has been found, the total size of Miletus rivals that of most palatial centres. According to Hittite records, in c. Still the Ahhiyawa belonged to the Assuwan League that extended from Lycia to the Troad,an alliance that didn't necessarily make them less independent: The king of Arzawa managed to escape to Mycenaean-controlled territory.

When I reached dry land once more, then the enemy from the land of Alashiya came against me [for battle] in droves. During this time, the Kingdom of Arzawa filled the vacuum left in western Anatolia.

Achaeans (Homer)

But I, the Great King, set out [and…] and raided lit. More specifics are not given and one wonders whether Ahhiyawa in the end failed to materialize its promised support.

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These troops must have included chariots, infantry and a fleet. The later references to Ahhiyawan military activity in western Anatolia do not provide us with any numbers of troops.

One strategy involved a treaty signed in approximately BC between Tudhaliya IV, king of the Hittites, and Shaushgamuwa, his brother-in-law by marriage. One theory says they were the Sea Peoplea conjecture that is among the most likely, even if it has weaknesses, or limitations.

It would not be the only time that this happened, for we shall encounter the Elamites again soon. One proof toward establishing a connection is that there are indications that the Sea People were formed by a group called Ekmesh, which was the name the Hittites used for Ahhiyawa.

Kingdom of Mira, Hapalla transcriptions vary"Seha river land". The Madduwatta text represents the first textual evidence for Greek incursions on the Anatolian mainland, but archaeology points towards even earlier Mycenaean involvement in the East.

A-si-wi-ja and other variations probably were Linear B indications for the same region which must be situated north of the later Arzawa territories, comprising most of west and north-western Anatolia Chadwick,80; Cline, although some overlap with the Arzawa lands is possible.

If the King of Egypt is the friend of My Majesty, he shall be your friend. The expanded Hittite Empire red replaces Hattiincluding Arzawa ca.

Even after its presumed loss of Millawanda, Ahhiyawa was still engaged in Anatolian affairs. Willinghofer, H, Hasekamp, U ed. A third theory says they were the ancestors of the Trojans. Founder of the House of Atreus. The expanded Hittite Empire red replaces Hattiincluding Arzawa ca.

Dotted between the buildings and sometimes built into the walls themselves are stone-lined graves. Archaeologists recover the shards of everyday items such as cooking pots, crockery, jugs, storage vessels and grinding stones as well as finer drinking vessels probably kept to impress and brought out when higher status guests paid a visit or used to make offerings to the gods.

During their own time they were known primarily as Achaeans, after the Achaea region of Greece. Its main base or capital is Milawata Millawanda, classical Miletus.

Achaeans (Homer)

The latter view does not exclude the first and the fact remains that around BC, Ahhiyawa slowly but surely departed from the international stage. Despite the Hittite reprisal, the centre apparently remained in Ahhiyawan hands, as in later texts the King of Ahhiyawa appears to have had direct control over it.

The kingdom of Arzawa, located roughly in western Anatolia, was a threat to the Hittites throughout most of the fourteenth century B.C. but toward the end of that period was decisively defeated and broken up. The Bronze Age kingdom of Ahhiyawa first becomes prominent on the Aegean coast of Anatolia, being mentioned in Hittite texts, but it remains of minor importance.

Its main base or capital is Milawata (Millawanda, classical Miletus) and its people are usually believed to be Mycenaeans. in —had already suggested a link between Alaksandu in the Ahhiyawa texts and Alexander/Paris, legendary prince of Troy (Luckenbill ; see now Beck- man forthcoming), a connection which Forrer repeated and endorsed.

Middle East Kingdoms

however. ANCS Dr Lane terms. STUDY. Kingdom -->Battle of Actium) Roman Period. 31 BCE - CE. Death of Alexander. BCE rise of the Ptolemaic kingdom.

Battle of Actium. 31 BCE, fall of the Ptolemaic kingdom. Ahhiyawa Letters. Late Bronze Age could be the basis for historical evidence for a Trojan vs Greek war 26 total letters Ahhiyawa bears. 3 The Chariots of Ahhiyawa generally equated with later Ephesus.

As such, it must have been the seat of Tarhundaradu, the King of Arzawa known from the Amarna letters. Under his sway, the Kingdom for some time was considered a Great Power, at least in Egyptian eyes.


The Hausa are a people of the West African region of the Sahel. They continue to live in modern-day Northern Nigeria and northwestern Niger, and in the Middle Ages they formed a powerful and important alliance of African kingdoms with great influence over the sub-Saharan trade routes.

The kingdom of ahhiyawa and the
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