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True, I know it was written by a man - but as a great interpreter, I think Aretha reclaimed it somewhat. We often think about inner will as the act of accomplishing something, but it can also involve inhibition — which means NOT doing something, like drinking whiskey at night, binging on Krispy Kreme donuts, or cussing in front of our kids.

Friday On My Mind was the first fruit of a phenomenally successful partnership, for the Easybeats and as house writers and producers for Albert Productions in the s. I learnt how to play most of the songs on guitar.

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Better be home soon - Crowdies - yes, I know it is a guy singing it but it was written as being from the female point of view. The intimate format — a stark contract to the grandeur of the visit — will feature a two piece setup with Callahan being joined by guitarist Matt Kinsey.

Then their friends, then their friends-of-friends. In videos for the singles "Chandelier", "Elastic Heart" and "Big Girls Cry", choreographed by Ryan Heffington and co-directed by Sia and Daniel Askilland in many of the promotional live performances, child dancer Maddie Ziegler performed as a proxy for Sia in bobbed blonde wigs similar to Sia's familiar hairstyle.

Even if we do not have it, we can generate it. Betty Davis - Nasty Gal. Yet, Sia's bold gamble paid off, resulting in one of the most daringly original and wholly satisfying shows of What more do you need to know. Inhe took two years' leave from his plumbing job to pursue his music career.

Commentators seem to agree he was a flawed genius. To date, the royalties for the song are meticulously divided with different shares to each of the song's contributors, including Goble, Farnham, Stephen Housden, David Hirschfelder and Wayne Nelson.


The sound vacillates between spiritual reference points of rock and roll history, while increasingly releasing the forms and becoming amorphous and situational. And so I dedicate this post to my colleague and the others like him.

Wright, along with his bandmates, was part of the first wave of migrants to jump-start Australian rock and pop. Each of their vocalists, in turn, owe a drink to the diminutive frontman with the who-me grin, the little shimmy and the loveable larrikin vocals.

Mostly there is nothing we can do: Exploring it can unleash much energy.

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John Peter Farnham, Jr. was born in Dagenham, England, on 1 Julyto John Farnham Sr and Rose Pemberton.

John Farnham

[23] His sisters are Jean and Jaquiline (Jackie), and his younger brother is Steven. [23] Farnham spent his first ten years in the United Kingdom before his family emigrated to Australia in to live in Melbourne, /wiki/ The Whitlams.

4 out of 4 stars = Excellent! The latest offering from Tim Freedman and The Whitlams is already being touted as the soundtrack of the summer. After a few listens, the track Love This City lives up to the hype, the combination of Freedman’s clever lyrics and pop "I cannot write in verse, for I am no poet.

I cannot arrange the parts of speech with such art as to produce effects of light and shade, for I am no painter. Even by signs and gestures I cannot express my thoughts and feelings, for I am no„°stanbul.

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Debbie Lee Warrnambool, Victoria, January The wait. For a uni offer. Seems interminable. Music, the only thing which helps. Even if your favourite song that year is Loser and you don’t even know that it is only going to reach #45 in Triple J’s Hottest Scene News: Trailblazing Post-Punk Pop trio MOLER invite you to their one-off reformation party November 15, The original members of Melbourne’s ’s dynamic post-punk pop trio, Moler, are celebrating 25 years since they first formed with a special one-off reunion show in Scot Stevie Starr, known as the Professional Regurgitator came fourth, while British magician John van der Put performing as Piff the Magic Dragon also made the top

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