Ethical issues in the medical industry

Right to Abortion The recent death of an Indian woman in Ireland because she was denied abortion, has brought to light the ethics that revolve around this procedure.

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The pro-life group argues that abortion is equivalent to killing of a human life, whereas the pro-choice group argues that a woman has the right to decide what she does with her body, and since the fetus is a part of the human body, she can decide whether she wants to keep it or abort it.

Published criteria for evaluating health related web sites: Abortion has been under debate for a long time now, but the debaters are as staunch in their beliefs now as they were back then. Individual cases should be monitored and policies put in place to clarify expectations.

Risk of Contracting Communicable Diseases In the United States, physicians are permitted to choose whom they wish to treat, and under this freedom is the right to choose to treat patients with communicable diseases.

For instance, a physician my reveal patient details when discussing or providing information about a particular case online. These have been discussed below. Also, the right to abortion is viewed as a parameter of equality with men, and the right to decide whether or not a woman wants to be a mother is believed to be the ultimate freedom for her.

And one of the real threats to keeping the people we train in practice is having an ethical practice environment where they can actually practice with integrity, and where they are not constantly barraged with morally distressing situations that burn them out.

A number of organizations, government agencies, and scientific publishers have been active in the establishment of standards and methods to measure and assure credibility of health websites. Deciding when patients are free to leave the hospital and being accountable for their decisions.

If resolution cannot be reached, a judge may need to rule on the matter.

List of medical ethics cases

I would give continued care, but not happily. These may include Prioritizing activities in order of importance - this may include giving preference to one patient over another. Marketing Practices All healthcare institutions and providers are allowed to market their products or services, but there are certain ethical guidelines that they are required to adhere to.

There are many inadequacies concerning national and international controls and legislation, especially regarding the issue of jurisdiction; and urgent need for an internationally accepted policy framework that addresses basic rights and responsibilities of users and providers.

With an increased focus on regulations, quality of patient care tends to suffer. We are wasting too many organs. This may include medical reports as well as personal conversations.

This may be viewed by some as the most enormous breach of confidentiality, and here is where ethical issues arise. What if there are technical glitches. Introduction to evaluation of interactive health communication applications.

Although some advances have been made to encourage the reporting of drug shortages in an effort to reduce them, the Food and Drug Administration still expects shortages to occur in the future.

Informed consent also refers to how a doctor should talk about a condition to a patient. All the information should be given, but any positive that exists should be also talked about. Bramstedt, PhD, the Affordable Care Act may help transplant candidates with coverage for certain necessary medications, such as immunosuppressants.

The main ethical issue that arises with this procedure is how it "commodifies" children. Every situation is somewhat different, and ethical dilemmas can arise even when a hospital has policies in place to address them.

The family could find another physician if they feel so strongly. Striking a balance between quality care and efficiency can be challenging. Adelhard K, Obst O. In case of an underage pregnancy, can a relatively immature girl be entrusted with the life of a child.

The top 3 takeaways from this are: Caveant lector et viewor--Let the reader and viewer beware. Safeguarding Telecommunications-Related Personal Information.

Furthermore, despite extensive coverage of ethical issues in the healthcare literature, no systematic effort has been made to collate and rank these kinds of issues from the perspective of the impact on the public.

Raising public awareness. Potential Risk & Quality Management Issues & How They May Affect the Healthcare Industry Customer Service Techniques in Health Care Ethical Standards for a Medical.

Some cases have been remarkable for starting broad discussion and for setting precedent in medical ethics Research.

Ethical Issues in Healthcare

Research case country location year summary Psychosurgery: s Psychosurgery (also called neurosurgery HeLa is the cornerstone of an industry.

Cancerous tissue was taken from her without her consent. Ethical Concerns in the Healthcare Industry. How can you define healthcare ethics? Healthcare ethics is nothing but a set of principles and values that is used to take decisions in the medical industry.

There are multiple ethical challenges casting an impact on the patient and their families in the health care settings. There are many ethical issues that may arise in regards to a patient's healthcare. These major issues as well as ways to manage them are as follows: Confidentiality - The protection of private patient information in the medical field is one of the most important ethical issues that may arise in the field of healthcare.

33 Legal, Ethical, and Safety Issues in the Healthcare Workplace Learning Objectives DID YOU KNOW THAT? † The healthcare industry is one of the most regulated industries in the United States.

Ethical issues in the medical industry
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